First meeting of Argentine women rectors to reflect on female leadership

Within the framework of Women’s Month, and recognizing the importance of women’s leadership in Higher Education Institutions, a meeting of women rectors from the Argentine university system of public and private management was held, where those attending reflected on women’s leadership, its evolution and challenges for the future.

The Centro Universitario Buenos Aires de Universidad Siglo 21 was the scenario that brought together the women rectors under the premise of putting relevant aspects of their role today at the center of the agenda; as well as sharing visions regarding inclusive governance, the role of women’s leadership, education and science with respect to gender, among other challenges.

The meeting, which was promoted by the Rectors María Belén Mendé of Siglo 21 and Raquel Krawchik of the Provincial University of Córdoba, was supported by the «Network of Women Leaders of the Americas», an organization based in Spain, which connects, inspires and encourages women in the political, business and social areas of 24 countries to be permanently connected with other women leaders on whom they can rely to strengthen their professional profile, as well as to generate social change for the empowerment of women.

The following referents participated in the meeting: Ana María Teresita Foth (Universidad Católica de las Misiones); María de las Mercedes Reitano (Universidad del Este La Plata); Ruth Graciela Fische (Universidad de Flores); Adriana Goberman (Universidad Maimónides); Cristina Armella (Universidad Notarial Argentina) and María del Carmen Magariño (Universidad Argentina J. F. Kennedy).

«The look from the gender came to teach us data of reality often silenced, which today provide us with tools to reflect on the society we want. Today we are going through times of transformation and of deep and evolutionary opportunities towards the human condition. This period phenomenon that is not only happening in Argentina but in the rest of the world expresses the urgent need to accelerate social awareness about gender inequalities and the need to live in a more equitable world with greater parity in all spaces», reflected Rector María Belén Mendé of Siglo 21 at the end of the meeting.