Marta García-Valenzuela

She began her professional career in the area of selection and evaluation in an international consulting firm, coordinating the teams in Madrid and Barcelona. In 2011 she joined Talengo to develop the practice of diversity in its three key dimensions, gender, culture and generational. Since then she has advised the top management of large national and international corporations on the impact on the business of proper strategic management of diversity. Under his direction, Talengo has developed diversity management projects based on the organisational diagnosis provided by a diversity audit. She has created diversity committees, trained diversity ambassadors and developed cultural transformation projects from the inclusive leadership model. Marta has also accompanied executives throughout their international careers, making them aware of the different ways of doing business and correctly adapting to the culture of the destination country in order to guarantee the success of international operations.

Degree in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Expert in Legal Psychology by the COP. Scholarship in the Women’s Leadership Program of the Rafael del Pino Foundation. She is certified in competence management tools, assessment centre and other evaluation tools.

Certified in diversity management by the Chamber of Commerce, Fundación para la Diversidad and CEPAIM. In addition, she collaborates with APD, Chamber of Commerce and Intrama as a speaker on issues of leadership and diverse talent and with media specialized in economic issues and human resources as an expert in diversity.

She currently mentors the «Women and Engineering» program of the Official College of Engineers and has been a member of the General Management Advisory Council at the EAE Business School since June.