Digital leadership for politicians

The Documentation Sciences Foundation and Computer World University develop training and certification in Digital Leadership for political leaders in digital skills that advise them in their role of legislating and establishing lines to promote digital transformation in their countries.

Technological partners: BUSINESS IT program

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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With the rapid advance of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and blockchain, digital transformation in different countries will accelerate. As has already happened with other important technological advances, digitalization affects the way people live, interact, study and work. Some jobs will disappear, others will be replaced, new jobs will be created, industries will be transformed and new activities will appear, where in addition the policy will be increasingly digital for a citizen who demands information and participation in network environments. Hence the enormous importance of investing in literacy in digital capabilities throughout life, especially those who have the obligation to legislate and direct the policies of the countries.

With the right capabilities, political leaders can know the characteristics and implications of the technologies that are digitally transforming their societies, and can develop their full potential as legislators or political leaders to catalyze the country’s digital economy, driving growth and creation. of employment, in addition to social cohesion and the strengthening of democracy, with higher rates of approval and citizen participation.

This is possible through the training and certification in virtual environments, of political leaders involved in articulating the future through democracy, solidarity and inclusion. Digital technology enriches learning in different ways and offers training opportunities that overcome geographical and temporal barriers, which gives political leaders access to a wealth of information and resources.


Promote, through the generation of knowledge, that legislators their advisors, as well as political leaders, can play a key role in leadership and development of regulatory frameworks that encourage innovation, investment in technologies and digital universalization.


The themes are approached from the perspective of political application, not technology. The objective is that non-technologist politicians can carry out the training and certification according to the learning domains taught by an expert company:

Big data
Cloud computing
Legal compliance
IT Risk Management
IT Government
Internet of Things
Machine learning
Social business
Digital Transformation
Artificial intelligence


We have created the certification for those political leaders who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of digital transformation, taking into account their critical knowledge, around the issues of transformation and / or digital inclusion.

The certification includes an online course, taught on the Campus of the Documentation Sciences Foundation, through modules of the ComputerWorld University Business IT Program, in which leading technology companies participate. This course will last 30 hours, divided into 10 modules, each focusing on an innovative digital technology.

After completing the online course, participants must pass a single exam – under controlled digital environment – to obtain the accreditation that recognizes their professional certification.