Estela Marina Perez Cabrera

Estela Marina Perez Cabrera, a Cuban-born Spaniard, arrived in Madrid at the age of 31 with the intention of finding a better professional future. What she didn’t know at the time was that she would become an entrepreneurial woman dedicated to defending the rights of immigrants and entrepreneurs in Spain.

Her entrepreneurial spirit, fighter and perseverance has led her to develop business activities in different sectors in Spain until she founded Grupo Aristeo, one of the main law firms and experts in immigration, immigration and entrepreneurship in Spain.

A few years after the birth of Grupo Aristeo, Estela Marina founds the Aristeo Business School (ENA). An educational institution, oriented towards management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

As an enterprising woman and wanting to help those most in need, Estela Marina has been president of the Immigrants Without Borders Association since 2013. A non-profit organization created for the integration of immigrants in Spain. She is also founder of the Association of Businesswomen of Leganés (Madrid).

Estela Marina holds a diploma in Foreign Trade and International Relations from the Cuban Foreign Trade Institute. Specialized in Spain in tax consultancy by the Escuela Superior GADE and graduated in Business Management and Marketing by the Escuela Internacional de Estudios de Marketing (ESEM).

Estela Marina’s professional experience is mainly in the management, leadership and development of work teams, as well as in business strategy and marketing.