Business IT Certification for Women Leaders


Knowing the language of technology is an advantage for the leading woman in the digital age

Fostering the opportunity and the need that the fourth industrial revolution represents, from the Documentation Sciences Foundation and Computer World University we promote a certification aimed at women leaders in the political, business and social areas.

The aim is to bring them closer to improving their understanding of the digital economy, so that they can set themselves challenges in the short and medium term that will enable them to make a real productive transformation, technological development and greater digital inclusion.

On 11 December 2018, the European Parliament published resolution 2018/2090(INI) in which it lists 46 conclusions that could be summarised as follows: every citizen needs to speak the digital language.


Mastering the concepts related to Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobility, Robotics and related helps to decide the technology and technology projects to be implemented in the organization, with foundations and knowledge.

Procedure-based certification

It certifies the level of understanding and basic application of the critical knowledge obtained and which must be used by women leaders in their daily management.


Obtaining certification generates confidence, since through it, the ability and management of the knowledge acquired is recognized. Therefore, once the certification is obtained, its leadership in the field of the acquired competences is reinforced.


The certification leads to a recognition by political, social, academic and private sector actors, in identifying who obtained it, as a conscious and committed leader in preparing to improve their skills and knowledge in technological concepts, tools and solutions applicable to strengthening the transformation in the digital era.


The certification validates the scope and content of the knowledge acquired. In an administrative management system, for example, certification has a greater impact than a course attendance diploma.

Business IT

With the support of market-leading firms, Computerworld University and IDG Communications are launching Business IT certification to help organizational leaders better understand information technologies and the opportunities they may have in the coming years.

The DS Foundation joins the certification program through the collaboration agreement signed with IDG Communications.



Storage – NetApp
Big Data – SAP
Cybersecurity – Symantec
Cloud Computing – Hewlett Packard
Legal Compliance – BGBG Abogados
IT Risk Management – Auren
IT Governance – Devoteam
Internet of Things – Intel
Machine Learning – Google
Mobility – Dell
Social Business – Bit4Data
Digital Transformation – Liferay
Artificial Intelligence – IBM
Databases – Oracle


Certification is approached from the perspective of its application. The objective is that any woman, whether she is a technologist or not, can perform the certification according to the learning domains taught in the different modules. The certification has a cost of 1,200 euros which includes:

Online course

With a duration of 40 hours, distributed in 1 month and taught in the Virtual Campus of the Documentation Sciences Foundation, the student will acquire the knowledge of each module focused on an innovative digital technology.

Online exam

Upon completion of the course, participants must pass a single exam to obtain the accreditation that recognizes their professional certification. The certificate obtained is issued by APMG International.


In order to bring the value of the Business IT Certification closer, the DS Foundation will establish collaboration agreements with prestigious organizations in Spain and Latin America for GRANTS for a limited number of its women members to carry out the online workshop DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR WOMEN LEADERS free of charge on a set date. The workshop has a cost of 350 € (although it will be free for the participants selected by the collaborating institutions) where in 1 week the participants will share, from the Campus of the DS Foundation, know-how through work forums, as well as access to documentary resources, news, interviews and master classes of companies such as Fujitsu or Liferay.

Public organizations of 1st level (Governments, Deputations, Ministries, Political Parties, Parliaments) are part of the collaboration to grant their directives in the Digital Transformation workshop

The phases to launch an edition of the workshop are:


The level of involvement and prestige of the collaborating institution with which to launch the workshop for its women members will be analysed.


The institution and the Foundation will sign a collaboration agreement, which will be made known by both parties to media and members.


The collaborating institution will provide the list with the women leaders selected among its members who will carry out the Digital Transformation workshop.


The selected professionals will carry out the workshop on the established date within the Foundation’s Campus. Those who pass will obtain a digital certificate.